Top Hairdressers to follow on Instagram

Confessions of a Hairstylist  Jenny Strebe is known to many as Confessions of a Hairstylist.  As well as having a Youtube account she also has this fabulous Instagram account showcasing a lot of her work.  She is my go-to person for hair up inspiration, not only are there fabulous hairstyles, more often than not incorporating a braid… Continue reading Top Hairdressers to follow on Instagram


Granny grey hair trend.

The granny grey trend seems to be disappearing thankfully, as in all honesty I’m a bit bored by it.  To achieve granny grey hair, you need to lift the hair to a clean level 9/10.  This means a really light blonde with no yellow.  It is important to tone out any yellow before attempting the grey… Continue reading Granny grey hair trend.

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Oil slick hair

I love the Oil slick hair trend, Oil slick hair is recreating the look of oil when it mixes with water.  This colour looks best on dark base hair, which means that once the fashion colours fade the overall effect is still nice, compared to the bold fashion colours that often fade into a weird colour.… Continue reading Oil slick hair

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Babylights and Sponglights Balayage

Last year I got the chance to attend a Wella course about Balayage, sponge light’s and baby lights.   Obviously, I jumped at the chance as Balayage is something I am really interested in, even more since last year.  I follow a lot of hairstylists on Instagram that are mainly American based, and I have learnt most… Continue reading Babylights and Sponglights Balayage


Toddler haircut tips

I recently had a little boy come to the salon for a hair cut, well he came in with his parent.  I thought my son was good at having his haircut but this little kid was on a whole nother level.  He was so good! He sat on his own in a chair on the… Continue reading Toddler haircut tips


Hello, Its me

Hello, I’m sure I’m not the only person that can’t help but think of Adele when they say that now. Anyway, If you don’t know who I am, I also blog over at  If you have followed me from over there then thank you.  I have previously written a few posts about hair and… Continue reading Hello, Its me